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Portofino …. powstaje nowa restauracja w szczecinie

Portofino …. powstaje nowa restauracja w szczecinie


25 August 2013


Portofino - a municipality in Italy, in the region of Liguria, in the province of Genoa. One of the most exclusive small tourist resorts in Italy. According to many the most beautiful harbor of Portofino Mediterranean. Sandy beaches, the charming architecture of the town, great Restaurants located on terraces overlooking the sea – it all makes, Portofino that does not want to leave. Each, who visited Portofino for a while, gusto, to come back, As in the words of the song Agnieszka Osiecka

"It's a long summer in Portofino
And a lot of guests from all sides
And streams flowing wine
Here in Portofino through the night ... "

And that's just the atmosphere we want to create in the newly opened restaurant "Portofino" in Szczecin. Very soon we invite all guests to fine Mediterranean cuisine served by an Italian chef, Italian fine wines and more , and a unique atmosphere created by the extraordinary design and operation of our restaurant.


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